NOTE: AGM AND COMMITTEE MEETINGS SUSPENDED DUE TO COVID-19 DURING 2020/2021.  Reopening of Club planned 17th May 2021.






Present From Officers and Committee:


Bernard Sanach Chairman

Charlie Bloomfield Vice Chairman

Jenny Sanach Treasurer

Debbie Osborne Membership Secretary

Mick Bell Trustee

Dean Spurgeon

Dean Brown

Kathy Pushman

Kevin Pushman

Aaron Creasey

Chris Johnson

Non executive club membership



Amanda Leggett Secretary

Michelle  Watson

Gavin Elliott Trustee

Jeremy Farthing Trustee

  • SUMMARY OF 2018/19


The Chairman read out the Minutes of the last Steering Committee Meeting to all members present.

Membership Numbers 


The number of members for 2018/19 stayed the same as 2017/18.


The new membership is due on 1 September 2019.  The price is staying the same £20 Family, £15 Couple, £10 Single and £5 Pensioner.


Charlie suggested that all members’ email addresses should also be added to their names and addresses as any future events to be held at the Club can be relayed to members by email.

Reports from Committee Members


The Chairman reported that the turnover at the Club had risen this year and that there was cash in the bank.


Mick Bell suggested that the turnover could be split between West Bergholt Social Club and West Bergholt Snooker.  This would be investigated.


The Accounts would hopefully be by the end of September but they are not actually due until December 2019.


Carlsberg Lager and IPA Bitter would rise to £3.00 a pint from 1 September 2019.



Debbie said that all the girls had now raised enough money for the Disco for New Year’s Eve.  A £50 deposit had been paid. This money had been raised by holding Bingo nights.


Jenny and Kathy did a Bottle Stall at West Bergholt Village Fete.  They raised over £200.


Dean, Kevin, Kathy and Amanda have repainted the walls in the entrance and main Club.  The paint had been given to the Club by Jeremy Farthing.


The Committee would like to thank them for all their efforts.


Club Development


As new seating was needed for the bar area, it was suggested that a trial would take place with no bar stools.  If this did not work, new stools would be purchased for the bar.


The Committee suggested that a storage area was needed for empty barrels to be put into cages outside instead of them being inside the entrance to the Club.  This would need to be put to the Steering Committee at their next meeting.


As the Club had now been repainted, Dean Brown said he would provide the Club with Boards to be put on the wall to display posters for up and coming events.


The lights on the snooker tables had all been rewired.


The following members were elected to be on the 2019/20 Committee.




Bernard Sanach Chairman

Dean Brown Vice Chairman

Jenny Sanach Treasurer

Charlie Bloomfield Secretary

Kathy Pushman Membership Secretary




Mick Bell Trustee

Gavin Elliott Trustee

Jeremy Farthing Trustee




Dean Spurgeon

Kevin Pushman 

Aaron Creasey

Debbie Osborne

Michele Watson

Liam Meadows

Chris Johnson


The disabled toilet had been completed and is a good improvemnt to the club facilities. The steering committee are to be complimented on this improvement and the WBSC members of the steering committee will pass on thanks at the next meeting scheduled for November 2019.  


The flush in the disabled toilet needed to be made to flush longer.  The pipe from the disabled toilet was joined to the ladies’ toilets and this was making the toilets getting blocked. 


At the last Steering Committee Meeting it was suggested that a patio door be installed which could be opened during the summer and seating outside on the patio at the side of the Club.  This would be brought up at the next Steering Committee Meeting.


Refurbishment of the Gents and Ladies toilets to be brought up at the next Steering Committee Meeting as this was in the signed contract to be done.



New door handles needed for cellar door, store cupboard and door to kitchen.


Debbie said she would ask Sue Chapman if she could recover the seating in the Snooker room.


New token machines to be ordered for the Snooker room.


Quiz 7 September.  Halloween Bingo in October.  Live Group 25 October.



After Steering Committee Meeting.


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