West Bergholt Social Club AGM 8th October 2023 @ 11am





D ON 8th October 2023


Present From Officers and Committee:


Mike Poole Chairman

Charlie Bloomfield Secretary

Michelle Watson

Debbie Osbourne




Kevin Pushman

Kath Pushman

Dean Spurgeon

Dave Thomson

Jenny Sanach

Allison Baldock

  • SUMMARY OF 2022/23


The Chairman read out the Minutes of the last Steering Committee Meeting to all members present.

Membership Numbers 


The number of members for 2022/23 was steady.


The new membership is due on 1st January 2024. The price will go up by £5 to £25 Family, £20 couple, £15 single and £10 pensioner


It was agreed to add a rule, Any new membership after 1st June 2024 will be paid at half the rate as set out in the membership price list for that year.

Chairmans Opening Remarks


The Chairman reported that the turnover at the Club had risen this year and that there was cash in the bank. He reported that the club was going in the right direction and with the support of the members he hoped we would have a good 2024.


Secretary's Report


Thank all the committee and bar staff for the work they have done over the last year since we had the last AGM in 2022.

The whole club was now nearly completely refurbished, with the snooker hall the only room that needs painting. The new false ceiling has been a great addition.


We needed to increase the membership slightly due to increased prices with everything that the social club pays out for, including the electricity which has nearly doubled.


We need to hold more functions in 2024, as this generates a much needed income for the social club. This will be funded by a new social account that the Chair will open in the next few weeks, with income being from previous social evenings, going direct into this.


Treasurers Report


Finances have remained steady, but added that we need to keep an eye on the increases in our bills. If we can generate money from functions, then should help maintained cash flow. The accounts closed with just over £8500 in the account.



Club Development


The club has totally revamped with new seating and carpets. The main bar area has been painted and new seating has been allocated outside.


The joint steering group reported that the Parish Council has been allocated a grant for the much needed toilet improvements. This has now been completed and has made a vast improvement to the club.


The lights have now all been replaced with LED lighting.


The Committee suggested that a storage area was needed for empty barrels to be put into cages outside instead of them being inside the entrance to the Club.  This would need to be put to the Steering Committee at their next meeting - ongoing but approved in principle.


The lights on the snooker tables had all been rewired.


The following members were elected to be on the 2022/23 Committee.




Mike Poole Chair

Kevin Pushman vice Chair

Alison Baldock Treasurer

Charlie Bloomfield Secretary

Kathy Pushman Membership Secretary



Dave Thomson

Dean Spurgeon

Debbie Osborne

Michele Watson

Jo Jo Baldock

Zoe Snowling



A discussion was had and it was agreed that entertainment would need to be done at least once a month and would be discussed at the next committee meeting.


We have 1 applicant for the position of committee member from Zoe Snowling. The committee voted unanimously in favour and would like to welcome Zoe onboard.



22nd November 2023 @ 11:30am